Attitude Status 2018 For Whatsapp Hindi /English

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Latest 2018 Attitude New Status For Whatsapp

Badshah? हुन ??‍♂ #Badshahi?? करूँगा ? #शहर ??‍♂तुम #Khrieed ?लो पर☝? उसमे ?#Raj ??तो मैं ??‍♂ही?? करूँगा

Latest 2018 Attitude New Status For Whatsapp
जब भी??‍♂️ तुझे? #Thandi लगते ❄️??‍♀️#देखता ?हु ना ?
तब #मन ?करता हे☝️ अपना #Pehna??हुआ #jacket ? भी उतार के ?तुझ को ही ?? #pehna ?दूँ?

Latest 2018 Attitude New Status For Whatsapp

#ɖɛǟʀ_ʝǟռʊ ?
? तुम ? क्या समझोगी ? #Mohbbat ? #मेरी ?‍♂ #JAan_बूझ ? कर मैं ? #աɨռtɛʀ में भी #Thande? पानी से नहाता ? हूँ ताकी तेरी ? #Hot? सी #Body ?‍♀ से चिपक ? कर चल ? सकू

Latest 2018 Attitude New Status For Whatsapp

#Thand के❄️ #मोसम में? यू ना ?#itraya ??करो ?
#baher ??‍♀️जब निकलो ☺️तो #Makeup ???नहि #वेस्लिन्⚱️ ज़रूर लगाया ?करो ?

Latest 2018 Attitude New Status For Whatsapp

जेसे #Thand☁ में #fօɢ ? हर जगह ? आ जाती हैं वैसे ही #Baby ? तू भी #मेरे ?‍♂ #Dilo❤ दिमाग? पर #Chha ? जाती हैं

Latest 2018 Attitude New Status For Whatsapp

बेसक ☝?तुझे सब #Pyar?‍♀करते? होंगे
मगर ✋? #Thand? मैं तुझे ?गले #Lgaker? प्यार❤तो मै?ही करूंगा? 

Attitude Status 2018 For Whatsapp

Tum ? #साथ ? #न दो ❌ मेरा, #चलना ? Mujhe #आता है,
#हर_आग ? से #वाकिफ ? हूँ, #जलना ? Mujhe #आता है..!!

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Latest 2018 Attitude New Status For Whatsapp

#Nafrat सी ? #भर_रहा ? हुँ #Sabke ? #दिलों_में ❤ अपने लिए,
#अब ? Humse ये #अच्छा_होने ? का #Dikhawa ? #नहीं_होता…

Latest 2018 Attitude New Status For Whatsapp

जब ?इस #Thand के❄ #मोसम में☃जब रात?मै #Thand ? लगती ? है
तब तुम?#Hakikat?मै नही #Sapne?‍♂ मैं आकर? मुझे गले? लगाती हो?

Latest 2018 Attitude New Status For Whatsapp

जब ?तक आप ? #Himmat?? नही❌ करोगे तब? तक
ना ?? #Rasta ? मिलेगा ना ✖कोई #मंज़िल?

Latest 2018 Attitude New Status For Whatsapp

?सच्ची #Dosti ☝?एक अच्छे ?स्वास्थ की ??trha है, ??Khone पर ??ही Uski?#Value पता ?चलती✔ है

 Attitude Status 2018  New English Status For Whatsapp

I will reign ,❤with the King, you❤? buy the city☺? but I will rule in it.

What ?would you like to understand? I deliberately bathed with ❤cold water in the winter, so that I can stick to your hot body and walk?
Nobody likes? anything other than you …?
You are like my ❤childhood favorite Chocolate.

Dear love ❤,
The smell of your perfume seems to be
You are around my post ?
Unique person ?or status they like
Doing less☺ and copying are more?

As the ?cold in the cold ? comes everywhere ? baby ? You are also my heart ❤ on the brain
Listen? sweetheart
Heater’s heat will forget
My DP’s ?temperature is too high, if you see, it’ll just get hot?
Josh and ✌Passion so much that the enemies of the enemy also shake the duality and ?Attitude so that ?Girlfriend’s ?friend also bent in his love
When ?watching all posts on FB and Insta, when you ?see my new Pic
Then you will not be able to remove that post from your ❤mind even with your display wallpaper.?

No Name know what was the city yet heart me your ?face still remember?
Because you ❤had gone in spite of me in a short time?
Now it has become ?easy to lose on the go
He has become very crying in his memory?
This heart has kept his? face hidden in the lamps
Perhaps this is? why gold has become expensive by opening its ?eyes
We also update the AttiTude ?level paste in our DP,❤ only then people copy my dp by copy
Have heard baby ❤you are very hot.You want to love. Cordia is coming,? so I want to hug you

Every one of your poetry gives you a heart to? commend you, but I am afraid that sometimes people ?will not be able to accompany ?my poetry to your wishes.

It is said that there should not be a sorry and thankfulness in the relationships. But in reality there? are only 2 words which save relationships.?
Morning i have ?seen you my dreams
Seeing now lets go
Tea biscuits?


Unfollow or unfriend ?someone will not disappear and my hatred of the people will one day ❤make me more Famous.

No girl would give voice to the boy for any work and not say Bhaiya, then the boy gets a one-way love from the girl at the same time

I am ?getting so much sorrow that if I now recruit someone ?back from school, I will go to school ✌every day without rubbing without a bank

Only girl does ?not leave the house.

They also leave the ?boys and they are called soldiers.
Find girlfriends who understand your heart like this, like DoCtOr’s writing MeDiCal understands❤
Everything given above is just a shortage, then its?
What to say in the morning?
Do not leave or else the mother will see
Hear son
This is? not a simple website called the ocean of status. ?From here you get the bucket status, it is filled with the same ?new status




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